No Fee Application for Admission

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IMPORTANT: Please read the following information carefully before continuing to the application form.

  • The online C-GCC application must be completed in one sitting. The information you enter into the form is NOT saved. Please allow yourself sufficient time to complete the entire application. If you close your browser or shut down your computer prior to completing the application, the data you have entered will be lost, and you will start the application over again at the very beginning.
  • For security purposes, this application uses session timeouts. The timeout is set to 30 minutes of inactivity by default. Due to the nature of browser sessions, typing data into the form fields is not considered to be activity, however the timeout will restart when you continue to the next page.
  • If you require additional time to fill out any one of the form pages, we have provided a "Refresh session" button. Pressing this button will restart the session timeout timer and preserve the information you currently have typed into the form page. A notation at the top of the page will indicate the time that you initially loaded the page (or used the "Refresh session" button) so you can keep track of how much time you've been working on the page.
    Applicants with disabilities may contact the Office of Accessibility Services here or call 518-828-4181 ext. 3437 for information regarding access to programs and activities.
  • Remember: Closing your browser window or shutting down your computer will automatically expire the session. Any data you have entered up to that point will be lost.