No Fee Application for Admission

(Session Times Out: 11:32:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time)

Apply now to attend classes in a degree program at Columbia-Greene Community College. If you've never applied before, or even if you previously attended C-GCC in a degree program, our online form will put you on the path to a quality, affordable education.

There is no fee to fill out C-GCC's online application. Fill in the preliminary questions, and then fill in all the required fields in your customized application, review, submit and you are on your way! For the security of your personal information, our application form uses SSL to encrypt your data while it is being processed, and, once completed, is sent directly to our Admissions staff for review.

Important note: Due to system maintenance, C-GCC's online application is not available on Fridays between 5:00 PM EDT and 10:00 PM EDT. If you are filling out or submitting our online application during that time period your application will not be processed and all the data you have entered will be lost. If you are filling out the online application on a Friday, please be sure to start the online application early enough that you can complete it before 5:00 PM EDT or postpone filling it out until after 10:00 PM EDT. It is currently Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 10:33 AM EDT.


Our online application is split into different sections (see below) to assure that you are prompted for all of the information necessary for us to process your application without delay.

  • PRELIMINARY INFORMATION: Admission status (freshman, transfer, readmit) and citizenship status (US Citizen, Resident Alien, Non-resident Alien). Your answers here will determine if you need to answer additional questions later in your application.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name, address, phone numbers, email address and other personal information, much of which is required.
  • ADMISSION INFORMATION: Semester/year you plan to attend. Enrolling full time or part time? Information about high school or GED status.
  • TRANSFER INFORMATION: Information about other colleges/universities/technical schools you may have attended. Know the names of the colleges and dates you attended.
  • PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION: Name and address of your parent or guardian.
  • NON U.S. CITIZEN INFORMATION: Required information for international applicants - Visa or alien registration information, TOEFL scores, etc. Have your Visa or Permanent Resident Alien ID card handy to fill in this information.
  • PROGRAM OF STUDY: Select a program of study in which to enroll.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Demographic information and a list of who to contact for inquiries and/or services.
  • REQUIRED INFORMATION: Explanation and acknowledgment of some of the supporting information or documents you may be required to submit.
  • ALL APPLICANTS: Notices, statements and acknowledgements of C-GCC's admissions requirements and policies.

Fill out the No Fee C-GCC Application for Admission/Readmission!

If you prefer, you may print out and mail a completed no fee Columbia-Greene Application for Admission. Paper copies of the no fee C-GCC Application for Admission are available from the Office of Admissions or most area high school guidance offices. You may also request a paper copy of the Application for Admission by writing to the C-GCC Office of Admissions at the address below, by calling (518) 828-4181, or by e-mail.